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Aztec Animal HospitalIf you're a pet owner, you'll want to be confident that your veterinary provider has the necessary skills and the right facilities to provide effective treatment for your animal. As a leading provider of veterinarian services to a wide range of animals in and around Tempe, we offer an advanced, speedy diagnostic service and an impressive array of cutting-edge equipment and pharmaceuticals. In-house laboratory testing, endoscopy facilities, radiology and ultrasound help to quickly give the information needed for an expert diagnosis.

We Don't Just Offer Emergency Animal Treatment in Tempe AZ

Although we operate a swift, effective emergency service, we also undertake comprehensive pet care/wellness assessments in addition to a number of routine veterinary treatments and preventative vaccinations. We offer thorough routine veterinarian checkup appointments for all our clients. This gives the vet an opportunity to check for any early signs of health problems as well as offer appropriate advice on health maintenance, diet, exercise and dental hygiene.

Specialist Treatments are Readily Available

In addition to standard treatments that are widely accessible, we also offer a number of pioneering approaches, which have enjoyed considerable clinical success but are not yet widely available. Cutting-edge treatments on offer include laser therapy, stem cell therapy and plasma rich platelets (PRP). Our well-qualified team is committed to keeping up to date with fresh developments and new advances in veterinary research. If a new treatment shows evidence of effectiveness, they will try and make it available to the animals in their care.

Conveniently Located for Tempe, AZ Clients

It's vital to ensure your veterinary surgery is nearby, as when your pet is sick, prompt attention is vital. We are accessible to anyone who lives in or near Tempe. If your animal is ill, just bring them in and let us get them back on the road to recovery. We also offer nutrition, daycare and grooming. If you own a pet and want the very best for them, we can help. Call us at (480) 945-6800 to book an appointment.

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8140 E. McDowell Rd.
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Tel:  480-945-6800
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