Vet Scottsdale AZ Here are some of the main services offered:
  • Diagnostic and treatment of Valley Fever or Coccidiomycosis. This is one of the most common but devastating diseases in the Sonoran Desert. If cought early it can definitely be treated. Get your pet a Valley Fever Screen done today.
  • Preventative health care check-ups including yearly vaccines and more specific vaccine protocols such as rattle snake vaccine, Giardia vaccine and even K9 Influenza vaccine.
  • Veterinarian Surgeons practicing since 1994 with experience in many procedures including spays, neuters, declaws, and oral surgery. With a special interest in foreign body removal, cruciate ligament rupture repair, bladder stone removal surgery and more.
  • Extensive in-house laboratory testing. Liver, kidneys, pancreas, electrolytes, intestinal parasites, mange, heartworm, tick fever, lymes disease, and anaplasma, urine analysis, fungal culturing, etc.
  • Aztec Animal Hospital now has a state of the art LogiQ P5 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine. This is a non invasive procedure that can be used to detect several things from foreign bodies, bladder stones to how many puppies/ kittens your pet may be having. Schedule an appointment today to see if Ultrasound is what your pet needs.
  • Radiology with a state of the art in-house digital x-ray system to be able to diagnose and treat your pet fast and accurately.
  • Penn Hip Certification.
  • Dentistry for your pets, full dental cleaning including scaling, polishing, and fluoride treatment, pre-anesthetic blood work and iv catheter w/fluids $350.00 for any pet 8 and under.
  • Emergency and critical care medicine are our priorities, we won't turn you away.
  • Fully ventilated isolation area for those contagious pets (parvo virus, upper respiratory diseases, etc.)
  • Endoscopy studies with state-of-the art Olympus camera and Stortz system. Optional non-surgical foreign body removal in many cases.
  • Stem cell therapy. This is a new procedure all done in house and same day; using the pets own stemcells extracted from the pet's adipose tissue put through a process on our state of the art Medivet equipment to treat chronic osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia and other degenerative diseases. Visit MediVet America Stem Cell Therapy.
  • PRP; plasma rich platelettes, this procedure uses the pets own cells extracted from the blood and reinjected in the necessary area, or back into the blood stream, to promote healing. Used in bone surgeries, stomatitis in cats, and many other things.
  • In house fully stocked Pharmacy for your convenience; including prescription diets from Hills and Purina.
  • Cardiology and cardiologist consultation at all times.
  • Orthopedic surgery from cruciate rupture (using the Tightrope Procedure), luxating patellas, to bone pinning. we now include PRP; plasma rich platelettes, in all of our bone surgeries, this procedure uses the pets own cells extracted from the blood and reinjected in the joints. this greatly increases healing time, with some pets toe touching the very next day, without PRP this can take upt 7-10 days for a small breed dog even longer for larger breeds.
  • Laser therapy for your pet with our new Grade IV Companion Laser. Laser therapy is an evolving science in veterinary medicine. Laser therapy is used for many different ailments from abscesses, gum disease, anal sac disorders, hematomas, arthritis, fractures, lick granulomas and many more. call today and see if laser therapy is good for you pet.
  • Professional grooming by Tanya call and schedule today. 480-945-8671
  • Laser Ear Cropping $550.00-$650.00 all breeds; Schnauzer, Bouvier, Cane Corso, Dobermans, American Pitbulls, Boxers, etc.

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