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Aztec Animal HospitalPet owners, like many other people, often only have limited time. When you've got a busy schedule and multiple commitments, making sure that you visit a variety of different pet care professionals in order to ensure your beloved animal stays in top shape can be problematic. Our veterinarian services provide the perfect solution. Not only can you access a routine veterinarian checkup and emergency animal treatment, we also offer a number of other pet related services, including grooming and daycare.

Scottsdale, AZ Well-Equipped Animal Hospital

Continuing advances in technology and new pharmaceutical products mean that the selection of treatments we're able to offer is growing larger all the time. We have an excellent range of diagnostic facilities, including radiology and ultrasound. This enables us to quickly and accurately assess every animal we see, maximizing the chances of them receiving effective intervention. Particularly when an animal is badly injured, speedy diagnosis can literally mean the difference between life and death. We never turn a sick animal away, so bring them in as fast as you can and we'll do everything we can to help them heal.

Dedicated Team That Love What They Do

We're passionate about helping the pets we work with lead long, healthy lives. In addition to veterinary treatment, we also offer regular pet health checks, vaccinations, worming treatments and advice on weight management. If you're concerned about your pet in any way, just make an appointment and we'll be happy to advise. It's always better to start tackling a health problem early, rather than leaving it and risk your pet's health deteriorating rapidly.

Meet All Your Pet's Needs in Scottsdale, AZ

Because we have such an extensive range of services all in one place, a growing number of people are opting to use us as their preferred provider for everything their pet needs. We are committed to offering a winning combination of top quality products and services in addition to excellent customer care for our four-legged and two-legged customers. To find out more or to make an appointment, call now at (480) 945-6800.

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